Thing 2

There is commonly held perception around that says that all librarians love cats and all librarians own at least one, or several cats!

I don’t mind cats but I wouldn’t want my own cat and in an ideal world would have a puppy! What does this mean for me starting out in the world of librarianing?!

What I do have is two guinea pigs and they are amazing. They are just over a year old and they have taken over my life and my heart.

It is often believed that guinea pigs are just children’s pets who live in a hutch at the end of the garden and you can hug them and feed them and that’s about it. What you don’t realise is just how intelligent a guinea pig can be and how entertaining they can be to watch. If you’re not sure about this try searching Youtube for a video of guinea pigs popcorning. One of my guinea pigs bounces round her cage so much it’s like she’s part kangaroo or rabbit!

My guinea pigs live in a 5ft long indoor cage inside all year. During the summer they go out in a secure wooden run for a time during the day which they love (lawn=edible carpet=happy guinea pigs). When you keep guinea pigs indoors you get to observe their behaviour better and arguably, they get to know you better as you spend more time with and amongst them. On a rainy cold day it’s so much nicer to spend time with them indoors and you don’t have to worry about foxes or cats attacking them.

It’s a lovely lovely thing when you come in from work and you are greeted by a chorus of squeaks demanding grass, hay or attention. Their beautiful little faces are pressed against the bars of their cage waiting and watching.

Looking after them is hard work – they are not an easy pet. They need fresh food and water every day and all the hay you can give them. You wouldn’t believe how much mess two guinea pigs can make every day which needs cleaning and removing! However, I wouldn’t change them for anything – who would think two little guinea pigs could bring such joy?

So I think I’ll be ok doing this librariany thing without cats, because for me guinea pigs are beautiful, intelligent, engaging and basically awesome!




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